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MALCOM FORBES TOWNHOUSE, NYC -  Private Townhouse. Faux Finishes. Trompe L'oeil, Faux. Hols
TIMOTHY FORBES, NYC - 1842 Greek Revival Row, House. Consultation of Paint Colors, Preparation, Base painting, Stria Glazing of Double Parlor, Wallpapering, Wood Finishing.
PETER MARINO ARCHITECTS, NYC - Peter Marino's Private Residence, 57th Street. Intricate Stenciling, Decorative Finishes.
GREENBRIAR HOTEL, W. Virginia - Design and Execution of Trompe L'oeil Ballroom, Decorative Finishes.
PRIVATE RESIDENCE, Riverdale, NY - Art Consultation, Glazing, Wood Finishing, Murals.
EATON RESIDENCE, Toronto, Canada. - Main House. Murals, Glazing, Marbleizing, Gilding, Replication of 18th century French Villa Patch using actual Moulding, Panel Glazing and Antiquing All Surfaces.
PRIVATE RES1VENCE, 57th Street, NYC - Art Consultation, Glazing, Murals.
RD RICE CONSTRUCTION CO -  Ruppert Murdock Private Residence.
ROBERT STERN ARCHITECTS, STATEN ISLAND - Private Residence Basepainting, Glazing, Trompe L'oeil / Private Residence, Long Island, NY. Aluminum Leaf Cornice Mouldings and Faux Bois Trim Throughout House
CHARLOTTE PETERS / SCHOENFELD RESIDENCE: 998 Fifth Avenue -  22 rooms - skim coating, preparation, basepainting, trompe l'oeil, stencilling & handpainted designs, faux bois, murals - Pompei frescoes, glazing, restoration of existing murals, stucco veneziano, floor sanding and refinishing, wood finishing. Architect: GILLIS ASSOCIATES - 156 Fifth Avenue; (212) 243-3588. Designer: BILLY FRANCIS DESIGN - 121 East 71st Street; (212) 734-3588
ROTHFELD RESIDENCE: 791 Park Avenue - 10 rooms - skim coating, preparation, basepainting, wallpaper hanging, glazing, stencilling, faux bois. Designer:. BRADSHAW-DePALMA - 329 East 63rd Street - (212) 888-9371
BELFORT RESIDENCE: Old Brookville, NY. - Three levels of house - skim coating, stripping, preparation, trompe l'oeil cloud ceilings, balcony mural, glazing, stencilling, faux bois, trompe l'oeil architectural enhancements.
HALBFINGER RESIDENCE: 1165 Park Avenue - 8 rooms - skim coating, preparation, basepainting, wallpapering, 22K. gold leafing, stencilling, stria and stipple glazes.
BULASKY RESIDENCE: 171 East 71st Street, #7E - 7 rooms - plaster repair, skim coating, preparation, basepainting, custom plaster ornamentation (crown moldings throughout), trompe l'oeil faux mahogany with shadow panels, furniture refinishing (hand-rubbed lacquer finish), custom hardware replacement. Designer: LIZA LERNER - 131 East 62nd Street - (212) 888-2804
FLUG RESIDENCE: 1120 Fifth Avenue - 14 rooms - preparation / basepainting, wallpapering, various glazes throughout. Designer: LIZA LERNER - 131 East 62nd Street - (212) 888-2804
STATE DEPARTMENT, Washington, DC - Restored Ballroom. Marblelizing of Baseboards and Columns.
METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART, NYC - Gothic Revival Room, Replication of decorative Ceiling, Consultation of Paint Color, Base Painting, Gilding, Stenciling.
FEDERAL HALL, NYC - Executive Office, Wall Street. Replication of Sandstone Corn-ice, baseboards and Door Frames, Marbleizing Walls, Stenciling, Trompe L'oeil Shadow Panelled Celling.
OLD MERCHANTS HOUSE - Consultation of Finishes, Ornamental Plaster Restoration, Preparation and Basepainting. Decorative Finishes.
NEWARK CITY HALL, Newark, NJ - Municipal Council Chambers. General Contracting, Complete Restoration of Ornamental Plaster, Murals, Stenciling, Gliding, Woodworking, Stained-Glass Repair and Cleaning.
ROBERT TREAT HOTEL, Newark, NJ - Complete Restoration of Facade. Including Painting, Patching Concrete, Painting using Synthetic Fresco Paint, Gilding details. (80' X 120').
TRENTON STATE CAPITOL - Worked with Conservator Alan Farancz. Services Included Cleaning and Installing Existing Murals.
ARMY-NAVY BUILDING, WASHINGTON, B.C. - Marbleizing of Main Foyer Columns
SAN REMO BUILDING, CENTRAL PARK WEST, NYC - Double Lobby Area sConsultation, Basepainting, Glazing, Gilding and Marbleizing. Complete, Walls, Ceiling and Trim
FEDERAL HALL, WALL ST., NYC - Gilding and Replication of Glass Rotunda Clockface
120 WALL STREET, NYC  - Faux Bois of executive offices
140 WALL STREET, NYC  - Glazing/Faux Bois of Law offices
140 BROADWAY, NYC  - DHL - Faux Marbleizing of executive elevator lobbies
LINCOLN BUILDING - 60 EAST 42ND ST., NYC  - Lobby/Faux Marble podium
15 WEST 81 ST ST., NYC - Lobby Consultation, Designing of Glazed Walls, Marbleized Panels, Glazed and Gilded Ceilings 
IL NIDO CAFE, NYC - Marbleizing to match existing on Facade and Columns of Restaurant
FORBES MAGAZINE, NYC - Lobby / Gallery. Faux finishes, Faux Bois, Trompe L'oeil Paneling on Entry Doors
FORBES MAGAZINE, NYC - Executive Offices. Base painting and Faux Bois finishes, Trompe L'oeil Paneling on Doors.
1001 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Washington, DC - Hartman Cox Architects. Faux Verde Marbleizing Interior Courtyard, Architectural Details.
100 AVENUE OF THE AMERICAS, NYC - Fluted Details on Facade. Replication and Fabrication, Basepainting, Gilding Details.
ADRIENE VITTADINI SHOWROOM, NYC - Decorative Glazing of Showroom Walls, Faux Bois of Elevator Doors.
KITTY HAWK SHOWROOM, NYC - Faux Verde Marbleizing in Main Foyer / Decorative Furniture.
ELLEN TRACY SHOWROOM, NYC - Additional space - Faux Encaustic Glazing.
ELLEN TRACY, NYC - Showroom and Main Office. Decorative Glazing
GIORGIO ARMANI, NYC - Main Showroom. Glazing, Walls. Faux Bois Doors.
YOUNG AND RUBICAM BUG.. NYC - Main Lobby. Ceiling Mural Cleaning, Replication of Damaged Areas, Gilding Trim Areas 
182 E. 73RD ST, NYC - Lobby. Designing Lighting, Floors, Walls, Ceiling, Marbleizing, Faux Stone Walls and Niches. Cityscape Murals
140 BROADWAY, NYC - DLJ - Marbleizing and Trompe L'oeil of Executive Foyers, Faux Stone Block with Grout Lines
CHURCH OF THE INCARNATION - Garden City, NY Color Consultation, Painting, Ornamental Plaster Restoration
ST. JOSEPH'S SEMINARY (Dunwoodie) - Yonkers, NY Painting, Gilding, Lettering, Marbleizing, and Scagliola Repairs
ST. MARY OF THE ASSUMPTION, Washington St, Elizabeth, NJ Marbleizing, Faux Finishes
ST. MATHEW'S CHURCH, Windham, NH - Design, Application of Wall Graphics Behind Alter
ST. ANNE'S CHURCH - Garwood, NJ - Design of Finishes, Glazing Alter Area, Color Consultation, Painting, Glazing
ST. BONIFACE CHURCH - Brooklyn, NY - Plaster Preparation, Stucco Venenzano on Walls, Marbleized Columns, Decorative Glazed Details, 22K Gold Leafing of Column Capitals, and Mural Restoration.
MT. ST. MARY'S CHURCH - Watchung, NJ - Marbleizing, Faux Finishes
The Waldorf Astoria, NYC Stria Glazing the executive suites and painting and gilding the lobby cornice moldings.
GRAND HOTEL, Mackinac Island, MI - Main Lobby. Complete Replication of Water-Damaged, Hand-painted Wallpaper. Trompe L'oeil, Murals, Faux Finishes. OWNER: Dan Musser, Private Residence.
CARLTON-SHERATON, Washington, DC - Main Ballroom Ceiling. Replication of Stenciling and Faux Bois to Entire Ceiling.
ST. REGIS HOTEL, NYC - Main Foyer Ceiling. Mural Cleaning, Repair and Replication of existing designs.
STANHOPE HOTEL, NYC - Main Dining Room Areas. Application of Cloud Ceilings.
CARLYLE HOTEL, NYC - Dining Room. Marbleizing, Furniture Decoration.
PLAZA ATHENEE, NYC -  Main Dining Room. Cloud Ceiling, Galzing, Panels
DISNEY WORLD, Orlando, Florida - Ballrooms of Swan & Dolphin Hotels. Three Restaurants, One Retail Store. Painting of (84) eighty-four murals. On Site Finishes. Michael Graves - Architect. Tishman - Contracting Consultants.
QUALITY INN, Newark, NJ - Gilding Receptionist's Wall (12' X 30'). Trompe L'oeil Plaques on Gilded Doors, Gilded Columns with Marbleized Capitals and Bases for Restaurant, Copper Bronzing of executive Suite Cornices.
10 PARK PLACE, Newark. NJ - Fabrication and Installation of Main Lobby. Ornamental Plaster Ceiling (20'W X 80'L).
CARLYLE HOTEL, NYC - Dining Room. Marbleizing - Furniture Decoration.
HILTON HOTEL, NYC AND WASHINGTON, D.C. - Trompe L'Oeil Shadow Panelled Doors, Glazing Offices
LINCOLN SCHOOL, GARWOOD, NJ -  Facade, - Mural on Front Doorway and Window Area Depicting Original Door, Stairs, Students and Sky
LONG ISLAND, NY DESIGNERS SHOWHOUSE - 1988 - Painted Trompe-l'oiel Photographer's Studio
KIPS BAY BOY'S CLUB - 1988 -  Nelson Ferlita's Room: Replication of Etruscan Walls, Panelled Ceiling, Marbleized Trim
KIPS BAY BOY'S CLUB - 1989 -  Kevin McNamara Room: Designing and Painting
84th STREET OVERPASS MURAL, NYC - 1991 -  Mural to the City of New York, Neighborhood Beautification.
KIPS BAY SHOWHOUSE - 2005 - Ann Getty Showroom: Painting and Application of 15th Century Map Murals
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